Lagos is my firs cd. 

This is the product of a research and creative process.  Here you will find 13 transcriptions for guitar that I did from the music by Antonio Gomezanda (1894-1961) and Apolonio Moreno (1872-1950) both from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco.

This music represents the romanticism and revolutionary  Era in Mexico from the first half of the XX century. The cd has songs, polkas, corridos, marchs and one schottisch. These pieces where composed for the piano and symphonic band, therefore was an special challenge putting all together for the small orchestra, the guitar.

The art of the cd is really nice, and was made by my friend Raúl Valencia Ruiz who use the drawings and engravings from of another great friend, the artist Rubén Díaz Barriga.

In the section Entre canciones y danzas you will find information about the composers and pieces from the cd.

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