The classical guitar world will welcome these new transcriptions

The classical guitar world will welcome these new transcriptions by the Mexican guitarist Hugo Acosta Martin del Campo.

It is especially pleasing that Hugo found these pieces in Lago de Moreno, Jalisco, where he resides and works.  it is important to investigate the composers and artists of the area where one lives.  There may be treasures waiting – music that captures the flavour of another time or another space – music that showcases the virtuosity of an unknown  composer, or preserves the musicality of a neglected  musician. Many fine artists, and composers have not been presented for public scrutiny, and the artistry of their work remains hidden and unknown.

Hugo has rediscovered Antonio Gomezanda and other composers from the Lago de Moreno area in a time when they can be exposed to the entire world and may they be well embraced.

Originally piano pieces by Antonio Gomezanda, Hugo has approached his transcription from two perspectives.  He has produced a thoughtful version for classical guitar, as well as a simple offering for those who wish to use a guitar chord accompaniment for singing or single note instrument.  Thus he has prepared pieces of music to meet the needs of both the advanced  classical guitarist and aficionados of the guitar.

Dale Kavanagh

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